Life is made out of magical encounters

Born and raised in France, she studies biochemistry. She lives in England and Germany with her German husband, residing in Germany for several years. Being trilingual, she works on scientific translations. She discovers her passion for jewelry design and goldsmith work in a little studio in Hamburg and, over several years, learns how to design and craft jewels. Her first pieces are exclusively intended for family and friends, then she begins to sell her work in Germany and Los Angeles. After 18 years living abroad, she moves back to Paris…

Living in many places as the daughter of a career diplomat, Joëlle, who also has Brazilian roots on her mother’s side, has a nomadic and atypical upbringing. Upon her return to Paris, she studies art history and gemology. Her career in the world of luxury jewelry starts at Cartier, where she remains for several years. She then joins the famous jewelry house of Chaumet as creative director and works there for nine years, until leaving to become a free-lance designer for various jewelers…

One lucky day, a mutual friend introduces Catherine and Joëlle to each other, marking the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Together they decide to fulfill a shared dream with the creation of “Umbellina”, a jewelry line reflecting ethnic inspiration from North American Indians. Their deep wisdom and serenity, too often forgotten or ignored, and their ability to reach back to their roots, to the essence of their beings, reflect a belief that everything has a soul, and that souls live in perpetuity. For the North American Indian, everything in the universe reflects the harmony of the circle – the sun is round, as is the earth; the rounded rhythm of the seasons, a beautiful bird’s nest and, ultimately, the completed cycle of life. All are inspired and influenced by pure lines, as well as opposing elements. These are the inspirations of the “Umbellina” line of jewelry: sun and earth, yin and yang, man and woman. Exquisite jewelry becomes an emotional symbol, the projection of a personal message. In the end, it represents a certain form of happiness.

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